Tips to Choose Southern Phone Green Plans

Its true Southern Phone is operating on the Optus 3G and 4G networks, but its Green plans come with more features than Telstra’s Orange plan. Ranging from $12 to $50 for respectively 500MB and 15GB data, you can get one of their four month-to-month SIM-only plans without Samsung note 8 plans. These plans are not only available as a no-lock-in contract; they also come as the postpaid plans. Also, you can choose the 12-month postpaid plan to provide more data in the same price for the same plans as the month-to-month plans. For example, you’ll get 1GB data for the Green-12 Plan, but you can get 23GB data from the Green-50 plan.

Southern Phone Network & Coverage

You know that Southern Phone goes in a different way unlike the other smaller Telcos in Australia are using mostly one network for each of them. As it uses both Telstra and Optus coverage, you’ll get great network coverage than any other small providers. That’s why the two networks offer you strong signal availability from the most part of Australia. So, you can use this provider to get access to both networks for the largest coverage if you’re in the regional areas. In addition to these, as part of the Mobile Black Spot Programs of the country’s government, both of the carriers are getting increase the number of their mobile tower. Because of this, you’ll find regional areas much stronger signal with a more reliable mobile network.

Southern Phone Green Plans

You can get a little more value of your dollars if you like to choose a 12-month Green Plan for you. So, you’ll get some more data on this plan than the other month-to-month plans with limitless national calls and texts. Also, there are different types of Green Plans, including Green 12, Green 35, and Green 50. Also, they have a lot of different with offers, for example, the first one 1GB, the second one 7GB, and the last one give you 23GB mobile data. Additionally, you’ll get chance to select your phone plan that comes with Green 12-month plans if you like to get a new handset from choice mobile phone.

Southern Phone Plans at A Glance

You’ll find them handy to select from a wide choice as it’s already said the provider comes with plenty of plans and features. The inclusions are the feature of unlimited local calls, national call, and SMS to use inside of Australia. What is more, if you’re not a heavy data user then it’s great for you as you have the option to get the lower plan with no limit of calls and texts. Also, as it has no lock plans and you can change your plans anytime, you have a wider freedom of changing your plans. Even if you need, you can change your 12-month plan to a higher value option at no charge any time. Apart from these, if you’re looking for a mobile plan with a handset then Southern Phone could be your good option.