WordPress Alternatives: What They Are for Web Designers

Lots of passion is out there about CMS (Content Management System). It is probably because it comes with a streamlined web design process with many useful things many times which are performable without any professionals like Long Island web design agencies. These include themes, website builders, and the most important thing is that it doesn’t need any coding knowledge for it. Maybe this is all about the nifty plugins that can pull features that you have no idea where and when to start with. But, what is the way if WordPress is not cutting it? No worries, luckily, we have some high-quality CMS with website builders. They can potentially fill up the gap of WordPress’s place that depends on your clients, and you need it. So, before you look for “web designers near me“, go through the post to know about some of the collection of WordPress alternatives.

Craft CMS

The best feature of this WordPress alternative is that this is intuitive for your clients and you. WordPress might be complicated to have the hang of along with tougher to customize because of its API. Craft, though, begins with zero and encourages you to add parts if you need them. There are also third-party themes and plugins there! The main challenge is the price tag. If you are focusing on small projects, this is not what you want. But offer a spin on your own time for the free edition to see if it’s something you’d like working with.


If you want all advantages of a CMS without dealing with it while processing the design? Then, Perch is your first and great choice for it. That means you can create your essential website on this system and then can add it to later. In this option, you will get your design your own. At the same time, your clients will get an attractive interface. That is why this WordPress alternative is one of the popular CMS choices for users.


For independent web designers, Webflow has been designed as a robust method. Create a site without ever touching code, build it with a CMS, and deploy straight from Webflow to your customers with hosting available. For tiny concept teams, it fits well, too! As a result, this is another popular CMS choice for lots of users.


Bolt is another great CMS that is well known for its simplicity to its users. Without functionality you don’t like, the code is as simple as not bogged down. But, if you like them, they are quickly included. Twig uses this CMS to build models so that you can develop them from scratch on your own. And it is super easy to edit the pages you make. Frustrated consumers no more! Plus, free and open source is its framework.


If WordPress is the largest woe as its difficult installation process, you can replace it with Kirby. It might be your right choice that you are looking for as an alternative to WordPress. Kirby is not just lightweight; it’s also super easy to install on the server.