Best Cloud Data Storage Companies for Healthcare

Here are some of the best cloud data storage services for healthcare sector.

1. Google Cloud Drive

Google Drive has been in use for years. It is one of the popular and widely used cloud storages that allows users to access data anytime. Healthcare sector is also using Google cloud service for data storage. It is really safe and has never reported any data leakage issues or hacking problems. Moreover, you can also use your favorite tools like DCM viewer free too.

2. Microsoft One Drive

Just like Google drive, this is another cloud storage option for healthcare officials. It is really safe, smooth and allows users to store as much data as they want. Microsoft is known for reliability so healthcare sector uses this services because they found it credible. If you are not using this service in your healthcare hospitals, you should switch to it because it comes with a good number of features and options.

3. Dropbox

Here comes one of the most popular cloud storage service for businesses. Many people in healthcare also use Dropbox. This storage option is very much easy to use and offers a lot of features. Files can be stored, shared with anyone with access to edit the data and files. They can also copy it, add new files and store the data online without any worries. Dropbox was the first cloud service that prompted other services to think about cloud storage and make their own systems.

4. Amazon Cloud Service

Amazon is the top and leading ecommerce business in the world. Now they have also entered cloud storage sector because they developed a system. They truly have the top notch service for healthcare sector when it comes to storing a large amount of data, protecting it and not be worried about any disasters. Users believe Amazon cloud service will be become even more popular because their security and data protection is outstanding. And it offers compatibility with tools like DCM viewer free.

5. Carbonite Storage

Carbonite is another good option when it comes to cloud storage. They have a great system that is widely used by companies as well as hospitals. They offer different plans when it comes to cloud storage and the users can choose anyone that fits their needs. The fact is that hospitals and healthcare sector should look for such options as no universal or gigantic cloud system has not been developed so far. You can use mobile DICOM viewer free on it too.


6. Dell EMC

Dell has a cloud service for hospitals and healthcare that is HIPAA- compliant as well. That means, you are surely safe with this cloud storage. They are known for more space and offering reliable services. A lot of people use Dell cloud system and they are also widely used in healthcare.

7. Rackspace Service

Rackspace has partnered with Google to offer cloud services to the users. We have found about many healthcare officials and hospitals using this cloud service to store patient data, image files and other important information. They provide users with different plans and features to protect the important data.