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An Overview of Material Handling Systems

by Lulu Beier

Are you looking for the right handling system to increase your warehouse productivity and enhance your employees’ safety? Your warehouse has many parts to play all at once. Your material handling system likely includes a combination of different equipment and manual processes. One of the main objectives of material handling systems is its ability to load bulks, as the name suggests. If you are not happy with your current setup, then it’s time to reconsider.

Warehouses use manual, automatic, or semi-automatic processes and equipment to keep the operations smooth. Your process handling determines how you store or move the products and materials. Without an effective material handling system, your business could suffer a substantial loss due to lesser productivity, delays, and errors.  Thus investing in the right equipment can help your business immensely.

Types of Material Handling Systems

Material processing is different for different products. So, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the best one for your business. There are many ways to customize your systems and procedures based on your specific needs. Hence you should take the time before considering one suitable for you. Let’s take a look at some of the types of equipment you can choose for your company.

Handling and storage equipment: This type of equipment is used to store products and materials until they are assembled or shipped out. It is essential to keep your warehouse clutter-free and safe for employees. The system includes shelving units, stacking frames, etc.

Automated conveyor: These conveyor systems are used to lift, transfer, and divert products throughout a warehouse and limit manual intervention. Conveyors are often motorized and consist of rollers, belts, etc.

Bulk material handling systems: These bulk material handling systems is impressive for lifting larger and heavier loads or products. Investing in such equipment can help your warehouse, as well as your company, do well. Stackers, silos and bucket elevators, etc. are beneficial choices for such a system.

Industrial trucks: Trucks like these help you move materials and products in and out of your warehouse. Forklifts, side loaders, hand trucks are few of the examples of such vehicles.

Benefits of Material Handling Systems

1. Smooth workflow: Warehouse needs an elaborate workflow. Hence, keeping everything properly and managed can be done by implementing material handling equipment. Thus you achieve flexible and efficient work productivity.

2. Reducing shipping and handling costs: By reducing the number of people who need to sort and ship, you are reducing shipment time as well. Hence a deduction of shipping and handling costs.

3. Safe and efficient workplace for employees: With a properly implemented system, employees will be much more efficient with work and everything. They would aim to perform tasks with greater confidence. This will also lessen the pressure they have and prevent the chance of getting injured.


The best use of material handling solutions like other conveyor belt technology is the overall work satisfaction and increased productivity. Dissatisfied workers can seldom get their work efficiently done. Also, who is going to blame them if they always have to lift and carry heavy loads? That’s why material handling solutions are such a reward for a company.

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