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7 Things to Know About Radiology Information System (RIS)

by Paul Stephen

What to know before going for RIS? For that, you need to know what it does.

1. Improved Record Management

It is very crucial to manage the record of every single patient and keep it safe. This record is used for the diagnosis and further treatment of the patient. Though it is pretty time consuming and obviously inaccurate to note the records manually in written forms and they can be misplaced very easily. You never know that record of which patient would be required anytime so, to make this process much easier and accurate, radiology information technology is used. With this technology, you can get access to the profile of any patient in no time and the data is also stored safely.

2. Faster Electronic Payments

RIS PACS software can also be used to verify patients’ insurance before their visit. Moreover, it also allows electronic payments which has made the method of payment much convenient and faster.

3. Diagnosis Is Much Accurate

This advanced and more efficient RIS technology have made the patient’s diagnosis much accurate. Due to the higher accuracy, chances for the improvement in patient’s statistic for positive and better outcomes for the whole year are also increased.

4. Enhanced Efficiency

When you have a well-organized and effectual RIS PACS software in your healthcare center then the troubles that arise especially in the process of registration of new patients is eliminated permanently. The employee handling the registration process can easily enter the data only once and it would be stored safely into the system rather than managing the papers of reports and data entries. Furthermore, it is also very simple to make schedules and the members can look up at the schedule for free times while setting appointments. RIS allows doing things in lesser time and with enhanced efficiency that ultimately results in boosting the self-esteem of employees.

5. Improved Patient Care

When you have everything managed under RIS PACS software and when the accuracy of diagnosis is improved, you can easily focus on the better care of your patient by providing them with the proper and most effective care along with professional nurses to look after them. This also increases the reputation and patient care of your healthcare center in the patients’ view.

6. Reduced Human Error

One of the key benefits of a RIS is that the process of data entry is done with reduced risk of mistakes. The employee just has to be expert with the keys and enter the data perfectly so that it can be stored safely. Moreover, there are different templates present in a RIS data entry that does not let the employee miss out the important information before saving it.

7. Cost-Saving

Because of reduced data entry mistakes caused by the employees with RIS, a lot of time is saved to correct the mistakes and the data is entered into the system in no time. Due to this, a good amount of money is also saved. Hence, this is one of the chief factors for healthcare owners to invest their money in the radiology information system.

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