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4 Common Problems with PDFs

by Paul Stephen

1. Editing a PDF is Hard

Anyone who has been using PDF knows very well that editing is a tough task when it comes to PDF. There is no doubt, that PDF has gained popularity in the world and amongst its fan base due to the fact that it is secure, provides high-quality documents and is easy to use. However, unlike Microsoft Word, it is not easy when it comes to editing. For you to edit a PDF file, you will need to have everything from software to the right tools. Since programs and software have their own issues, many do not prefer them. Up till now, there is no cheap fix to overcome this issue. If you have a short time need, then you may look for limited trials, that are offered by many desktop programs.

2. PDF Software Are Expensive

This is another issue, which is not only major but also expensive. PDF programs, while they are known and used for professional purposes, at the same time tend to be quite expensive. You have to splash out quite a bit of money if you have decided to purchase a PDF software, but being familiarized with its basics is another thing. Professionals and companies can afford them since they have the appropriate people to use PDF programs. For someone, who is new to this, purchasing it will not be of any use if you are not aware of the basics. Therefore, it is recommended that you watch video tutorials on how to PDF editor rotate pages, save files, split pages, merge pages and more, and get your hands on anything that helps you get on board quickly.

3. Converting PDF

The only solution that works out given everything we have, is converting the PDF files into another type, such as Word and then editing it. However, your happiness has a time limit, because as easy it may sound, converting a PDF document into Word format, will not guarantee the same file structure. After converting a PDF file into Word document, you shall observe that the tables and the text as well will not be in the same format. That is the problem. The exact same thing happens if you have had headers, footers, columns and tables included in your Word document, once you convert it into PDF, which is all gone. It is surprising to think that even today when technology is taking on everything, this is a challenge that many software still find it difficult to overcome.

Solution: Use an online PDF to Word converter. Search terms like ‘PDF to Word’, PDF editor’, and ‘rotate PDF and save online’. Convert your PDF to Word. Now edit the Word file and then save it as PDF.

4. PDF on Mobile is Difficult to Read

Last but not least, PDFs are hard to read on mobile devices. Mobile users want something that is easily readable while they are in a meeting or running to attend a meeting so on and so forth. Nobody likes to zoom in and out to read every line. It would simply result in the user closing the document. It may be believed that in the coming years, some sort of a solution is presented which automatically re-sizes the PDF documents depending on which device is used so that the original aspect ratios are not disturbed. While them may be working on different solutions, try getting your hands on basics meanwhile, so that you are already a legend when you first try your hands at it.

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