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6 Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Service Before Hiring

by Lulu Beier

You hire a company whose service you are satisfied with and for that satisfaction you need answers to some questions. Similarly, when we talk about commercial cleaning services, there are certain things that you should know about the company. Below are mentioned a few questions that you should ask from these services;

1. What type of cleaning services does your company offer?

First of all, you need to know what type of services would the company like to offer. Never hesitate to ask anything from the contractor as your ultimate satisfaction is extremely important. Get the details of the types of services and tell them what kind of service you would like to have. You can also ask in detail about the services that would be included in-floor cleaning, restrooms cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, etc.

2. What supplies and cleaning agents are used?

There is nothing wrong in asking for the products that are used because obviously, before hiring a company you should know that what supplies and chemical agents would be used to clean your commercial site. Make sure that the company uses environment-friendly products that exclude harmful ingredients and don’t have bad smells.

3. Do you have insurance?

Having things done without insurance could possibly be the worst mistake that you would ever do especially for such large scale things. Ask the contractor if their company provide insurance and also demand proof. It is very important because if any mishap occurs then you won’t end up getting stressed about it because it would be covered by the company.

4. How much experience do you have?

The credibility of commercial cleaning services depends greatly on their experience. Do ask the contractor about the experience that they have in this field. If the company is new and inexperienced then it gets hard to trust their workers and their skills, however, if the company has an experience of over 10-15 years then you cannot doubt the pros and expect them to work efficiently. If you are ready, you can search the term ‘commercial carpet cleaning services near me’ to try some services.

5. Can I get some references?

Well, asking about the experience is not enough to know the reliability and standard of service of the company. In such a case, references are the best thing to ask for. In response to this question, the contractor would provide details of 3-4 previous customers of theirs so that you can contact them and get some details about the service and whatever you want for personal satisfaction.

6. How much does your service cost? Do you have any packages?

Before you start visiting companies, make sure you have set a budget first. Ask them about their rates and what services would be included in it. Also, don’t forget to question them about any packages available or not. Once you have taken the rates, compare them with the prices and services of other companies and go for the one that seems most reliable.

Finding the right commercial cleaning service isn’t easy. Do a good search of commercial cleaning companies near me and ask the above-mentioned questions to find out the best cleaning service.

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