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Reasons That DropBox is Not Secure for Medical Imaging Storage

by Paul Stephen

Probably you’re not alone if you’re looking for sharing your medical images or some other related information by using DropBox. It’s one of the highest popular methods to share your files that millions of users are using it as well. Also, it’s approved by many medical organizations and shakes their boots to consider this method or any other file sharing app. Even it meets the privacy test of many medical organizations all over the world. It’s to reach the expected goals defined by the innovative intent of the laws. In addition, the system of image managing of your patients should include making able the expected results of your doctor. We not only assume the organizations will not change out the system, but we also assume that they’re not in a way to change their imaging system.

But, let’s know some reasons why you should not use it before you use this method for your medical imaging.

Medical Images Are Massive Files

This is the first reason to avoid using the system to store your medical images for the issue of security and usability. You know your doctors work with some of the largest and densest files of your medical images. Even these file might be larger than some gigabytes as well so they take a lot of storage to store them. Also, it needs a large bandwidth because when you upload a file on the system, it sends them to the links that you have in your account. That’s why it can end up on your devices if you don’t care about it that your devices are not supporting your files. In addition, you’ll like to get the files to your smart devices like your smartphone or tablet, which is completely impossible.

It’s NOT HIPAA Compliant

It’s because it’s not HIPAA compliant by itself so your medical images are in the issue of security where most of the other cloud based PACS systems are HIPAA compliant. That’s why they will not sign the required agreements that usually need to any third party cloud provider. it’s true some of the add-in products work with its files that comply with HIPAA, but you’re still in risk of being your files copied. It means that you’re in the challenge to get your files to some wrong hands to get them some misuses.


You Don’t Know Who You’re Sharing Your Files With

As a user of DropBox, probably you share your files or a directory with any third party. But, you may forget that you have to share a particular file with them if you’re like some other common users of this system. So, it could be a disaster like an act to get your files, especially sensitive health information with some unauthorized persons. It’s because the method doesn’t have an audit trail for where the files are traveling when you store on it. Also, you’re at risk of your own faulty memory or making sure your own security controls that can make a great issue for your files in the long run.

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