Practical Tips to Get Healthy Teeth for Your Kids


Just about a 1/3 of five-year-olds in the US suffer from tooth decay. It’s even though this is almost entirely preventable! Here are our top tips for keeping kids’ teeth healthy.

Brushing your baby’s teeth should begin as soon as their first tooth appears. This is critical because both breast milk and formula milk contain sugars that can lead to tooth decay.

It is essential to use fluoride toothpaste because it is the most effective at controlling and preventing tooth decay. So, before you look for the emergency dentist New Orleans, let’s know the tips.

Teach Them Good Habits

Begin brushing your child’s gums and teeth as soon as they appear. This will acquaint your children with the sensation of something touching their gums and the taste of toothpaste. Begin flossing when two teeth come into contact with each other.

Getting them into the habit of brushing their teeth two times a day and flossing between their teeth will put them in a good position. It is to continue the routine on their own when they are a little older.

Dietary habits such as only one cookie per day and only water or milk after 5 p.m., no juices, will also benefit your child’s oral health.

Get a Clinical Check-Up

This is critical to see your dentist as soon as you notice teeth growing. The top dentists in Minneapolis or otherdentists will be able to see any cavities or decay and will be able to advise you on flossing, brushing, and a great routine to ensure your child’s oral health is as good as it can be.

Keep Away From Baby Bottle Decay

Baby bottle decay occurs when sweetened liquids or those containing natural sugars (such as milk) cling to the infant’s teeth for an extended period, causing pollution.

To avoid this, never put your child to sleep with the bottle in his mouth. Getting something to suck on before bed might be soothing for a child. So, they will want it regularly.

Ditch Their Pacifier

Some good reasons are out there to allow your child to use a pacifier. But, it can affect how his teeth line up in the long run. It can also alter the appearance of the child’s mouth. As a result, it is best to discontinue the use of the pacifier by the age of two or three.

Reduce Consumption of Juice

Many parents make the mistake of assuming fruit juices are healthy for their children, not realizing how harmful it is to their oral health. Limit your child’s daily fluid intake to no more than 4 ounces, and do not allow them to drink continuously from their cups throughout the day.

Sweet Medicine

Many children’s medications have flavored and sugary to make them more appealing to children. Because of the texture of the medicine, liquids are more likely to stick to the teeth, increasing the risk of cavities.

Children who take medications for chronic conditions such as asthma or heart problems have a higher rate of tooth decay. If your child is on long-term medication, consult your dentist about how often you should brush their teeth. It could happen up to four times per day.