Best Junk Removal Service Companies in Seattle


Sometimes no matter how clean there is some junk and it slows down your progress. There are some things like old furniture, broken appliances, discarded junk, etc. that clutter your place. You don’t know what good they are to you and what you can do with them. Well, the best thing to do is to give them away, but giving them away is not as easy as you need equipment to carry them. So, you need to call a junk removal service. If you are wondering what is the best junk pick up near me, don’t worry, we got you. Here are Seattle’s finest junk removal services.

Jiffy Junk

Jiffy Junk has been in the junk removal business for quite some years and they have built a reputation for providing top quality service. They have been present in communities across the country and their service is used every day by business owners, homeowners, property managers, and tenants. Seattle is known for its rainy weather and storms with heavy rain leave neighborhoods flooded with debris. Jiffy Junk knows this very well and they have a team of dedicated professionals who will help you clean up all the mess. They also provide junk removal for any and all kinds of residential and commercial purposes.

Dump-It Junk Removal

Dump-It Junk Removal was established in 2006 and they are a locally owned and operated business based in Mill Creek and Seattle. They have completed more than 35,000 junk cleanup jobs over the years. They haul and remove all kinds of junk including but not limited to furniture, yard waste, appliances, demo, etc. Except for hazards materials such as paint, gas, and oil they remove or dispose of anything. They also specialize in recycling more than 80% of junk.

Busby Junk Removal

Busby Junk Removal is a veteran-owned and operated business running for 14 years now. They are also a family-owned and locally-operated business that has certified professionals running it. They started in 2005 with only a pickup truck, a couple of signs and the dedication to work hard. They provide on-demand, same day service. They are proud to be able to provide quality service for picking up trash, garbage, waste, rubbish, appliances, furniture, etc. They always recycle 50% of the junk they get.

Angel’s Junk Removal

Angel’s Junk Removal started in 2011. They always strive to provide their customers with top-quality service at a fair price. They are a very environmentally friendly company which makes it their top priority to clean the junk in the eco-friendliest way. They provide on-time arrivals and never fail to satisfy their customers. They remove all kinds of residential and commercial junk and also known one of the best “trash removal near me” services in that area.


After reading this article, we hope that you have found the answer to your “junk pick up near me” query. These are the best you can find in Seattle and they always deliver.