How to Answer Remote Marketing Jobs Interview Questions

There are some differences between the freelance job and the real-life job interview. It’s because the HR team and the candidates both have some expectations with a job interview. You will be happy to listen that a freelancing job is more independent than a regular local job.

Meanwhile, to get a freelance job you should go through into a process. In contrast, the buyer will ask some questions, and you must have to answer them by showing your skills and experiences. On the other hand, you need to apply some tricks and techniques.

Most importantly, unlike the remote tech support jobs, you have the capability of convincing the buyer. If the buyer will satisfy your answer and other requirements, you will get hired. These are some questions that they might ask you during the interview of remote marketing jobs process:

Can you show me samples of similar work?

Tips for answering: You must keep ready your working sample for your clients particularly. This is because your clients will see your work that how expert you are. When you practiced and learned your task at that time, you would have to save your working sample for the future portfolio.

Whatever, you can save your work sample on a cloud server. When your buyer will want to see your portfolio, you can share with him the portfolio link.

Furthermore, you can ask him various questions about this task that you can know how you can please him. Thus, you should choose the best matching sample with the clients more importantly.

What’s your work process like?

Tips for answering: Actually, this is a tricky question that he wants to judge you for this task. Even clients try to understand if you are perfect for him or not. For instant, he tries to know about you if you get this job how you can help him.

And, after your answer, he can understand your patient respectively. Moreover, it is very important for you as a new freelancer. So, don’t be upset, angry or impatient with the client’s questions.

Moreover, you should take it an easy matter. For this reason, you need to understand him that how friendly, flexible or open-minded you are!

Tell me about a time you had trouble making a deadline.

Tips for answering: This is a serious and most important question for you. So, you should be careful about it. If clients ask you for your deadline to finish your job, you have to tell him the exact time whenever you can deliver the task to him.

Don’t be hesitated to tell a truth at any rate though you need a long time. Firstly, you should check the work details. Secondly, measure your capabilities. Thirdly, calculate the real-time and tell your clients.

It is better to talk to him the actual finishing time adding with more 2 or 3 days extra for your security. Moreover, you must follow the market place rules and regulations. Most of all, you should show him your dedication, passion, time sense and professionalism.

How much do you charge?

Tips for answering: Believe it or not it is a conflicting question for a new freelancer. Because most time to get a job depends on the pricing. To deal with your charge, it is better to see others rate and after analyzing another rate on the market place tell your rate finally.

But you have to be confident in your skill and you can demand a moderate charge. As a result, you will win the job. You don’t need to compromise or decrease your rate if you are skilled enough. To discuss the price, you must discuss everything before pricing.