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The 3 Best Hiking Pants for Men in 2020

by Lulu Beier

Hiking is an adventure that requires a lot of work and energy. When the task itself requires you to be focused on it all the time, you don’t have any time to spare on thinking about your gears. You just need them to work perfectly. And when it comes to hiking pants men, you want them to be durable, comfortable, weatherproof and look good. With all these requirements from hiking pants, it’s not hard to see why men find it hard to find a perfect pair of hiking pants. If you are one of those men, you have come to the right place. We have made a list of the 3 best-hiking pants men and given you proper reasons as to why you should believe them.

prAna Stretch Zion

One of the most popular hiking pants, prAna Stretch Zion pants can be worn well almost everywhere. Originally they were designed as a climbing pant but their flexibility and feature set, which includes a dual-access zippered cargo pocket makes them a perfect choice for hiking. Their gusseted crotch and stretchy fabric give you a superior range of motion. A low profile waistband adjuster is given to the right side of the top button so that the fit is dialed in.

It has stretchy water-resistant fabric and it is more substantial than standard-fare hiking pants. Its built-in belt and pocket design is nice and simple. One thing that is less likable about prAna Stretch Zion is the loose fit in the leg.

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

This one is the best choice for casual hiking and summer backpacking. They are the most budget-friendly hiking pants that offer a good range of features. This pant is quite popular among travelers for their breathable and quick-drying fabric. It has two deep cargo pockets so you won’t lack storage. It has integrated belt which helps to dial in the fit at the waist and it fits quite well in the legs since it’s not as baggy as its contemporaries. The cons for this pant is that the material won’t last forever and it’s not a good choice for alpine use. The zippers aren’t the smoothest either.

Kuhl Renegade Convertible

These pants come with 95% of nylon material and 5% of spandex. They are the best convertible hiking pants that have a distinct look that contrasts stitching. It has a durable fabrics and the excellent mix of materials and solid construction makes them very tough. The ample amount of stretch is also nice. Kuhl Renegade Convertible has a zipper that goes up the leg which makes it convenient to slip the zip-off sections over boots. They are a very good option for off-trail adventures but they are quite heavy and they lack breathability so they are not a good choice for warm weather.


Not everyone has the same choice or the same criteria while choosing hiking pants men. The pants you will choose will depend on your taste but we recommend you to see the pros and cons of the pants just like you do before buying daypacks and then decide which one to buy.

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