Tips to Retain Your Car Shine Like a New One


To grab a basic fact about car-care, it needs a few months after buying your BMW new model or a new car. Like your own face, your car also wants some treatment of cosmetic. This will help you to maintain its shine like brand-new.

You become enthusiastic about getting that amazing shine your car had. This happens on the day when you drive your car home for the initial time.

That means if you want to keep your car’s shine as it was new, you should polish your car using some cosmetic treatment. So, before you look for BMW car parts, let’s know some tips to retain your car shine like a new one.

Avoid Sun-Tan

When you need to park your car, always choose the shady spots. If you keep your car for a long time in the UV rays, it will dull the shine of your car over time.

Nothing more you can do when you park your car. You should park it in a spot that’s free of sunshine and glare. Using a car cover is the alternative way to protect the car from the sun’s UV rays.

Wash the Car Right Way

To maintain the shine of the car, you can follow the rule of biweekly washes most simply. It would help if you used a soap that comes with the right pH value with a formula of non-detergent. After every wash, wipe it off as soon as possible to stay away from water spots.

It would help if you used a cleaning cloth made of microfiber. It’s because it has a unique weaving shape that simply traps the dirt without making it scratch the exterior. To get the best result, you can get a vehicle cleaning-kit.

Save the Car from Bird Dung

Bird and animal dung spoil your mood, and they harshly concern about your car’s paint job. The droppings can be even worse if it happens when your car has exposed to the sun.

So, it would help if you washed it as soon as possible. Or, you should bring the car to the professional car service center. That means whenever you find the issue of bird droppings; you should remove them well immediately.

Waxing & Polishing

Provide the highest standard on your automotive wax and polish. The low-quality polish compounds could harm the painting work of your vehicle.

Excessive waxing can ruin your car’s style. The just stuff you may do is opt for specialist assistance if your vehicle needs it.

Agree to Paint Touch-ups

Go for a drawing touch when it’s time. Play canisters and painting patterns are the most common approaches for creating a paint touch-up. You may consult free job tutorials. Ask your dealer if you want to know the exact color of your car color.

Use Paint Conditioners

Choose the right paint condenser to secure the paint job on your fresh or newly painted vehicle. It is enough to provide a limited volume of non-abrasive paint conditioner. Consult experts such as Facility on the latest brands and conditioning techniques.