Guide to Choosing the Right Floor Mats for Cars

An average American drives 18 days in a year! Also, these pieces of metal keep you safe. So, shouldn’t you take extra care of your beloved vehicle?

It makes investing in floor mats for cars a smart investment. It ensures that your vehicle is protected from unwanted stains and preserve its resale value.

To keep your car’s floor as good as new, you need protection against moisture, mud, and friction to prevent foul odor and fabric ruin.

Here are some fundamental tips before buying floor mats for your car.

Select the Right Material

Choosing the right material is one of the most important things you need to know about buying floor mats for cars. Choosing the right one will assure you that your specific needs are fulfilled.

There are three main types of materials used in the manufacturing of car floor mates:

  1. Rubber
  2. Vinyl
  3. Carpet

Here is a description of these materials and the properties that make them appropriate for particular applications.

1. Rubber

Rubber floor mats are, as the name suggests, manufactured from rubber. Mats made of rubber are especially desirable, provided that they are easy to clean, robust, and provide good waterproofing characteristics. In damp conditions and muddy areas, this makes them particularly suitable. However, aesthetically, rubber floor mats may not go with your car’s interior.

2. Vinyl

Sometimes, vinyl is mistaken for rubber. However, vinyl is a polymer resembling synthetic rubber. It carries similar characteristics to rubber and is cheaper. It is why certain persons see it as an alternative to rubber. A wider variety of colors and patterns are now available for vinyl car mats. Therefore, you stand a high chance of finding a build from the collection out there that fits your vehicle.

3. Carpets

Carpets are typically made from nylons and Berber. Their swollen upper surface makes the other floor mat choices particularly enticing to them. Although they feel good in step one, they will collect a lot of soil and dirt over time. Compared to other fabrics, such as rubber and vinyl, another thing about carpets is that they wear out relatively quickly.

Additional Tips

Here are some features you must look for in your car floor mats –

1. Easy to Install: Ensure that the company you choose for your car floor mats must provide you with a detailed and precise step-by-step installation guide. Some brands may also offer free installation. So, look out for that.

2. Raised Edges: Raised edges are essential to help trap substances in the right lines.

3. Easy to Clean: You must look for a car floor mat that can be washed with great ease by water or any other cleaning substances. 

4. Fire Proof: The floor mats you choose must be fireproof so that these can keep you safe inside the car. 

5. Water Proof: Waterproofing characteristics is a must for cleaning and spillage. If the water goes to your floor through the floor mats, it can leave a permanent stain. 

Choosing the correct car mat requires you to do your research with due caution. It includes knowing your personal tastes from the look of things and selecting a floor mat that provides a better match. You can look for WeatherTech floor mats for your car.