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How to Throw the Best Tailgate Party Ever?

by Paul Stephen

There are two groups of sports enthusiasts for their preferred pregame activity: those who tailgate and those who tailgate with a truck. Is the first one really worth mentioning?

We’re joking. Tailgating of some sort is admirable, but the charter bus tailgate is the pinnacle. But stay with us for the next few minutes while teaching you everything about tailgate party bus rental.

Let’s go through the article brfore you look for “school bus rental”.

Why Do You Need a Charter Bus to Tailgate?

We’d like to invite you to the not-so-exclusive club of tailgaters who do it the right way. Consider the numbers game for a start: Tailgating by charter bus allows you to tailgate alongside a larger group of people. We aren’t mathematicians, but our gut tells us that’s a good thing.

You’ll need a bus if the party size is in the twenties or higher. For example, a coach bus can accommodate up to 55 passengers, but more on that later. Another advantage of the tailgate bus is its protection. When you look for tailgate party bus rental, you are immediately given a personal driver, eliminating the risk factor.

Which Sort of Bus Can You Hire?

That depends on a few factors, the most important of which is size. The coach bus, as previously stated, can accommodate 55 passengers and is the most popular alternative. A minibus is the smaller choice, seating only 22 people.

What’s the distance between you and your tailgate? School buses are ideal for short trips, while the coach and mini-coaches, with facilities like onboard toilets and air conditioning, are ideal for longer journeys.

Are you carrying any grills, tents, food, or beverages? If that’s the case, you won’t want to be without coach buses’ undercarriage room.

Food Ideas & Tips

Check the venue’s barbecue rules before planning your menu. Portable grills are allowed in most stadiums but not immovable open flames.

Grilled foods are a must-have at every tailgate, whether it’s for football or not. On the barbecue, you can’t go wrong with burgers, wings, or ribs, but don’t be afraid to get adventurous with staples like chilli, party subs, or brats.

How to Set Up

To set up your tailgate, you’ll need a few simple items. The first step is to create your territory. Line up the bus so that you can set up right in front of the undercarriage, giving you easy access to all of your goods. Set up your tables, benches, and coolers in a way that says, “We’re here to dance,” and you’ll be ready to go.

Bring two tables: one for serving and the other for setting up next to the grill. Now, fill your room with trash and recycle bags to keep it tidy, set out snacks while the mains cook, and hang a flag or other squad gear to show who you’re cheering for!

Be Clean

Maintaining a clean environment demonstrates appreciation for the tailgaters around you and the venue director who invited you. Garbage bags are a good start.

You’ll want to keep the bus tidy, so make sure any filthy things that make their way back on board are neatly packed. Serve food early (and often!) so that you don’t start cleaning up while the bus driver waits.

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