How To Renovate A Kitchen Yourself

How To Renovate A Kitchen Yourself

Do you want to change and remodel your kitchen? You don’t have to spend so much money to renovate it! So, before you start to create a plan to redesign your kitchen, check out this guideline to help you out.

1. Demolish the Kitchen

Create a step wise strategy to make demolition easy for you. Starting with the cabinet doors, unscrew them and remove it. Then move on to the doors and windows and slide them out. Shut off any appliances that is running, removing the lights and cover up any wires lying outside. Use a hammer to smash small things. Also remove any sheets from the walls.

2. Replace the Outdated Plumbing Works

Hire any kitchen remodeling services to handle this project since not everybody is an expert at plumbing works. Establish a plan for payment then proceed with the process.

3. Remove Old Lighting and Electrical

Check for the required halogen, fluorescent or any other type of lightening. You may also remove the chandeliers or any roof lights and bulbs.

4. Mudding, Hanging Kitchen Drywall and Sand

 Mudding is a very creative task. IT is used if thrown in a tray and softened it up. After the kitchen remodeling services carry out their tasks, drywall should be hanged and coated each day with drying time.

5. Painting the Roof and Walls 

Paint the ceilings and walls first before installing any other fixtures; by using a good paint which smoothers the walls. Also make sure no holes are left in the walls. Prepare the area to be painted well.

6. Introducing Kitchen Flooring and Baseboards

Nowadays, environmental building material is being used a lot. It goes well to save the planet and use natural ingredients. Flooring can be added after cabinets to save cost, but it should be done before to improve quality of thru work.

7. Add Kitchen Cabinets

Any kitchen remodeling services will install your cabinets. You can use cupboards with partitions, which will not touch floor or base cupboards which will be near the floor. The choice depends on you.

8. Add A Template and Countertops

When your countertops are to be made, this can take a huge amount of time. It may also require for your template to be set up so that the Countertops can also be set accordingly. 

9. Install A Kitchen Backsplash

Clearly, if your backsplash is an indistinguishable material from the rest of your kitchen’s tops, it might be manufactured from a similar item, for example, quartz, stone, soapstone or various others. The backsplash can be introduced in the same time while adding countertops.

10. Install Kitchen Appliances, Hardware and Faucets

Equipment, handles can be very important in your cupboard which boils down to choosing what you require.  Pick a style and sort of complete that supplements your cupboards as well as the age of your home. Do not use something that will wear out in a small amount of time.

Kitchen Renovate Process and Steps