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Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

by Paul Stephen

Hemp oil and CBD oil are two to come surely across if you’re looking for some natural oils. Sometimes the terms get used identically, but they are not exactly the same product. That’s why they are considered as the most misunderstood products as many people confuse with them. Also, they come from different sources so they have some common differences. For example, hemp oil extracts from hemp seeds and it calls hemp seed oil. This oil has not performed the CBD content test. But, it’s tested for the amount of THC instead of CBD amounts. If you’re feeling hard to understand you should go through the entire content. Well, let’s know the differences of hemp oil vs CBD oil in short.

What is Hemp Oil?

Before knowing the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil, let’s know about them in brief. At first you should know the scientific name of the plant and that’s cannabis sativa and it’s usually produced for business purposes. Hemp oil comes with a small number of cannabinoids, which is known as THC and CBD. It’s extracted from the seed of hemp. And the oil extracting method is as same as the process of olive oil.

What is CBD Oil?

The term “cannabidiol oil” we know as the CBD oil that’s the natural part of the hemp or cannabis. As it is cannabis oil, it has a good amount of cannabidiol content. The oil comes from its flowers and leaves, not from seed similar to hemp oil. Nowadays, CBD oil gets much more popular for its various health benefits. For example, oil is useful to treat patients without usual intoxicating effects.

What are the Differences of Hemp Oil & CBD Oil?

Some ways, hemp oil, and CBD oil are similar in action, but they have some crucial differences between them. If you’re a new consumer you can’t identify which one is hemp oil and CBD oil easily. Let’s get an example here. In the plant world, you can think hemp and marijuana cousins, not bothers. But, you’ll find more THC content in the oil than hemp. Also, hemp oil comes with a lower amount of CBD, which is less than 25% per million. Besides, you’ll find it only 15% in CBD oil. Some dishonest sellers have made the confusion as both plants are mostly related.  

What is Different Use of Hemp Oil & CBD Oil?

There are some common and different uses of these two oils. For example, hemp oil has a good amount of nutrients so it’s good for cooking. It can be an ideal alternative of olive oil and makes your foods tasty and crispy. This is also great for your body skin as it works as a natural moisturizer. You also can use it in replacement of petroleum in the plastic industry. But, CBD oil normally uses to treating purposes like cancer treatment. You can use CBD oil if you’re suffering from pains, depression, and stress. The oil has a great use to treat the patients of epilepsy.

Final Thoughts

These are some differences between the two oils when we compare hemp oil vs CBD oil as common. Also, there are some other differences that are not easily understood by the common people. Besides, there are also similarities between them and many people think that they are the same thing.


4 Key Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

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