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6 Last Minute Moving Tips

by Lulu Beier

In an ideal scenario, you might have plenty of time to plan for the move but that’s not the case for everyone. Here are some of our most sought out tips that can essentially make the rapid move much easier and less stressful. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Start with The Logistics

A move on such a short notice is ideally managed by the help of hiring a moving company/rent a truck. Before you start diving into the pile of stuff left to pack and pull your hair out in the face of such a stressful situation, it’s important to get sorted with your logistics. Do a quick research on some of the most reputable moving companies in your area. Likewise, get a quote from 2-3 different rented truck options if that’s what you are opting for.

2. Make a List and Sort Things Out

This is one essential tip that will make the moving process feel like a breeze. Before mindlessly setting out to pack each and every item in the house, make lists for all the areas of the house. Sort out the stuff that needs to be packed, donated or recycled.

3. Skip the Non Essentials

The lesser you pack, the easier it is to execute the move. In accordance with point no.2, go through each room of your house and sort out your key items into 3 broad categories: pack, recycle and donate. The task is to skim through months of clutter and take only the essentials. A last minute move can be a great way to declutter your belongings because you are in a hurry and you only pick things that are essential. You should sort items based on utility rather than sentimentalize a certain piece of belonging.

4. Put Together a Moving Supplies Bag

After the initial declutter, recognize your key essential items that you possibly can’t afford to lose. This can include your precious items like jewelry, watches, important documents, bank and insurance statements, medications, day to day toiletries, your laptop and phone chargers. Set these items aside in a small bag to avoid losing them later on.

5. Just Pack

The most important task here is to transport all your items in one piece to your new place. By all means, start packing all your essentials into boxes. Dedicate a few boxes to each room and label them as you go. It makes it easier for you to unpack later on. Use soft items such as towels and bubble wraps to avoid breakage of your precious vases and glassware.

6. If All Else Fails, Ask for Help

Moving out is a big task. Sorting out certain areas of the house like your kitchen can be a tedious task that being said, do not hesitate in seeking help from your friends and family. There is so much you can accomplish with an extra pair of hands at your service. Be sure to appreciate them by inviting them over for lunch once you get to your new place.

You can also use a junk removal service for the moving process as many of them provide move service too.

Moreover, a haul away junk service is helpful in removing unwanted items too which you want to get rid of.


And there you have it folks! A quick guide to make your last minute move much move do-able. Happy moving!

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