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Benefits of Using Slot Drain for A Warehouse Drainage System

by Paul Stephen

Lots of purposes to use a warehouse, but storing different types of good are the main one. This is not the issue while it needs to consider a much more attractive design.

However, design concern doesn’t indicate painting its walls to create a picture-perfect warehouse. Indeed, it means that you should do it more functional and practical with a design that offers more space to store goods.

Unlike ductile grated trench, one design option is critical to each warehouse that has the right drainage system. But, you’ll be able to meet all needs while using the slot drain.

Thus, many more benefits are also available while using this drain. Well, let’s know some more benefits of using the slot drain.

Load Class Is Heavy

The loads class of slot drain is the most crucial feature to take on your consideration while choosing any drainage system. It’s a bit slimmer system, but Series of 9000, as well as 10000, are extremely strong.

As these systems are very strong, they go to the capability of the Load Class-F. This load class (F) means that they can manage a weight of about 10000 lbs when putting on them with no issue like bowing or breaking.


You know that the slot drain is very strong to deal with a substantial amount of mass of the different machines and equipment. But, this is not just the advantages that you can get from it.

Indeed, you’ll get a corrosion-proof drainage system, which is a great feature of the stainless steel material. As the slot drain comes with this material, it helps you to make your drainage system free of corrosion.

Thus, without erode or damage, it can survive contact with corrosive, strong cleaning agents or some other chemicals. This is why we recommend keeping your slot drain clean regularly to prevent the build-up of chemicals.

Handle Higher Temperatures

All warehouses don’t require the same temperatures. It depends on the type of goods and the given instructions to maintain them.

In many cases, things need to keep at moderate temperature while some others may need at the level of the room-temperature. Also, some goods are out there that need cold to freezing temperatures to preserve them right away.

No matter what the temperatures are, stainless steel made slot drain can endure the higher level of temperatures. That means you’re free of stress getting your warehouse structure bend or broken or any other damages.

Easy to Upkeep

Simple upkeep is the priority for most warehouse manager while coming to the issue of the drainage system. Like other available benefits, the easy maintaining of the warehouse is highly appreciated by the users.

For usual trench drains complication, grate casings can make very caring. The casing of the grate should come off to sanitize separately.

After that, this process wants to do it in the right way of taking care of the stainless grated trench drainage system. But, while going with slot drain, you’ll get the system that needs lower maintenance.

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