Tips to Keep Clean of Marble Polishing Countertops

Certainly, the marble polished floor is as durable as beautiful to look at, but it requires extra care to clean to keep it amazing. As a marble polishing New York house owner, you know it’s at risk to an engraving by any kind of acids. This is because marbles are made of the composition of calcium carbonate so it’s more porous and softer than granite. That’s why you’ll find more scratches, cracks, stains, pitting, and even boring of the polish. As a result, it needs to keep the proper care on a regular basis if you want to keep it shining. For example, if you find a mild etching, you can use marble polishing powder that’s approved for use. But, don’t forget that the stains should be dealt with the exact thing to what it was caused by.

Well, let’s know some tips to keep shining of your marble polishing countertops.

Every Day Care

When it gets splashed of acidic foods and drinks, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, sodas, coffee, wine, fruit juice, and even vinegar, it’ll damage your marble polishing. So, if you’re using a marble countertop for your food preparation, you’ll have to clean up any spills out as soon as possible. In this case, using a protected sheet could be a good idea like plastic or silicon during the working time on it. On the other hand, when you want do your cutting works, you can use a big cutting board. Its true marble is hot surface tolerant, but don’t forget to protect it using a trivet. Also, you’ll have to use coasters and placemats under glasses and plates while serving on your marble countertop. And don’t forget to clean the countertop before you get engaged in other jobs, without delay after every meal.

Cleaning Dust

Using a soft microfiber cloth, you should clean dust off your marble countertops once a week as a minimum. If you need to clean wet stuff, you have to use a pH-neutral cleaner and a damp cloth that is designed for stone. In this case, you might be confused, so you should check with you’re the company of countertop for their suggestions. Among others, mild soap and water are used commonly where you have to put it in a bottle with a sprayer to spray on the counters. With a damp cloth, wipe and scrub gently and use the towel to rinse and wipe until all dust gets out. When it’s out of dust properly, you can dry it with a soft towel.

Regular Maintenance

As you get the recommendation from the manufacturer, you have to seal the countertops regular basis. Also, make sure to get it resealed when you find water drops fall and they make marked on the facade. So, if you seal it then it’ll help you to prevent damage and stains so you’ll get it shining with a smooth finish. But, never use any regular cleaning products that you use to clean your household items.

Alternatively, you can hire or consult with any of your local marble floor restoration company to get more tips about keeping your marble polished countertops clean.