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7 Most Annoying Patients According to Doctors

by Paul Stephen

1. Asking Google to Tell the Symptoms

Most of the patients consult the Ph.D. that is Google for the symptoms before going to the actual professional health care specialist. The patients that educate themselves from Google are very annoying particularly when they pretend they know everything about their condition than an actual Ph.D.

These patients are sometimes also convinced that they need certain protective measures that are bizarre and uncalled for like a patient may have constipation and may demand a prescription for poisonous fungus growing inside their body. So, next time you have a health condition go to an actual doctor than believing the internet. Just like hospitals use digital medical imaging cloud than just using pen and paper for medical data.

2. Complain About Previous Treatments

Complaining about how bad the previous doctor and the digital medical imaging systems were and keep on going doesn’t help the health care expert. Doctors only know how to treat you and cure your illness. They don’t want to know your past experiences and rants about how bad the doctor. It only puts on a bad impression on the physician dealing with you.

3. Not Cleaning Up Before Checkup

A dirty patient to treat is always a bitter pill to swallow for doctors. Clean patients are prone to get better services because the doctor can examine them without any cringe. Smelly or dirty patients are worse. Wash your hair before asking to examine them for excess white hairs or wash your feet before asking to take a look into your ingrown toenail.


4. Don’t Follow the Instructions

If a doctor provides you with antibiotic pills, then it means you have to take them as prescribed. You can’t take them and then complain that it hasn’t cured your illness. People often come back to the doctor for a follow-up checkup and tell them they haven’t been taking the prescribed medicines. This only annoys the doctor and worsens your problem.

5. False or Exaggerated Symptoms

Sometimes patients aren’t as sick as they pretend to be. They may be laughing with their friends until the moment a doctor walks in. Sometimes the pain or symptom may be a minor one and the patient may exaggerate them to not embarrass themselves. They may lie and make up symptoms which can result in wrong medications prescribed and can make matters worse.


6. Showing Up Late

The doctor can only wait for you for so long before moving onto the next patient. Some doctors have a tight schedule and sometimes there are a lot of patients to be treated. Showing up on time is crucial for the patient. If they show up late and demand for an instant checkup can be unfair for patients that were on time for their appointment.

7. Asking Way Too Many Questions

Another annoying thing that patients tend to do are throw a barrage of questions at you without respecting the time constraint – sometimes even those which don’t have anything to do with them like what is media medical imaging. A doctor’s patience has its limits and asking questions relevant or irrelevant for a prolonged period of time can cross them. If you are someone who has too many questions, ask the nurse and only ask the doctor specific and quick questions that a nurse can’t answer.

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