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6 Basic Home Garden Maintenance Tips to Know

by Lulu Beier

Looking for some advice on garden maintenance that is worth noting? Here are some of those that will surely help you.

1. Keep an Eye on Pests/Bugs

Not all pests are bad for your garden but some pests like Aphids, Cabbage Maggot, Caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle, and Flea Beetles. Still, there are so many pests that are harmful to your garden and you should take immediate action against them. They can chew the leaves and their feed is plant root which can damage the whole garden.

You can control their growth by spraying with garlic spray, hot pepper spray or insecticidal soap or you can apply floating covers. A strong spray of water for washing the plants can also reduce their number. 

2. Appropriate Fertilizer

To grow plants in your garden you must feel the need for appropriate fertilizer because soil varies in nutrients from place to place. Some fertilizers are organic (Manure) and some are inorganic that are manmade.

Fertilizers carry nutrients like nitrogen; necessary for the stem, roots, leaves, and fruit, Phosphorus is necessary for; flowers and fruit and full growth of a plant and Potassium is also necessary for full growth and fresh green color of leaves. However, you must test the soil of your garden every 2 years, especially if you have just started to learn about the garden. So that you would know the number of nutrients in the soil and which nutrient is necessary for the soil.

3. Prune

Successful pruning can give is the most satisfying task yet it horrifies the gardeners as it can lead to damaged plants if done incorrectly. Dormant times are the best time of pruning for any plant. Give time to your garden regularly and the simple rule for pruning is to remove dead parts of the plant. You can clean your garden in fall and can prepare it for spring. If there are so many dried leaves then don’t throw them away the can act as an ingredient in compost.

4. Water Regularly

The plant needs light, nutrients, and water for its full growth. While watering the plants, remember to avoid unnecessary weed and diseases as they also need water to grow. Just water the roots of the plants by hands instead of water sprinklers. You can also get rid of pests if you water your garden regularly.

5. Protection from Hot Weather

Excess amounts of heat can lead to a damaged garden. It can make the roots dehydrated. As drinking water early in the morning is beneficial for us similarly, you can save your plants from the destruction caused by hot weather, if you water the plants early in the morning. Also shade cover can minimize the effect of hot weather.

6. Proper Light

If there is a shade in your garden, try to grow cool-season vegetables in that area because plants usually require hours of direct sunlight and if this duration exceeds it can cause harm instead of benefits to your plants

Check out plants that are hardy for your zone: While trying to grow some new plants in your garden, remember to check if your gardening zone is suitable for the plant or not.


So, keep a passion for garden care and do the above things to maintain your garden. If you’re worrying about yard waste, you can use a bulk trash removal service near me to get it removed regularly.

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