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Some Quick & Best Ways to Upgrade Your Hairstyle

by Lulu Beier

You’re not looking for a significant hairstyle change, but you wouldn’t mind a minor tweak or a new concept to freshen up your everyday look. A simple hairstyle is fast, low-maintenance, and completely reversible.

Here are a few short hairdo upgrades. So, before seek for the best treatment for hair extensions, let’s know the ways to upgrade your hairstyle.

Change Your Hair Part

Consider doing something different if you’re a straight-down-the-middle or just-off-center type. A deep side part, for example, adds instant appeal with a peek-a-boo appearance when the “heavy” side falls over one eye, ala Jessica Rabbit.

This deep side part looks great on many hair types, from pin straight to seductive waves. So, more on the middle vs. side portion may be found here.

Get a Side Chignon

Instead of collecting your chignon hairstyle at the nape of your neck, consider shifting it to one side for a livelier, asymmetric twist on the traditional hairdo. For summer weddings, the side chignon is an adorable bridesmaid hairdo.

So, collect your hair in a loose or tight side ponytail and attach the tail to the spot where you want the chignon to sit. (Keep your clothing in mind when deciding which side to place the chignon on.) For example, if your garment bears one shoulder, arrange the bun on the exposes side for balance.)

Braid the Messy Bun

Your go-to hairdo this summer has most likely been a messy bun. And why shouldn’t they? It’s a friendly and laid-back hairdo for the summer.

Why not give it a spin now? Put your hair in a braid, rip it apart, so it’s sloppy, and then put it in a bun. So, the haircut will remain airy and straightforward but with a much more fascinating hair texture!

Drop Some Length

It’s hot, you’re busy, and it’s time to go. Consider having a lob haircut that grazes your collarbone if you have long hair. If you want to lose some length, try for a bob haircut that reaches your shoulders.

“It’s remarkable how liberating it feels to get a significant quantity of hair chopped off in the summer,” says Matrix Artistic Director Danielle Keasling. “Clients immediately feel lighter; they begin wearing more feminine clothes and applying brighter cosmetics.” So, it’s a terrific mood booster!”

Get a New Braid

Braids continue to dominate the attention, judging by what’s occurring on red carpets and fashion runways. Almost every hairdo looks better with a braided accent!

Why not try something different if your braid repertoire is confined to the traditional three-strand type? So, the Dutch braid, simply an inside-out French braid, is one of the most versatile braids.

Fold Your Hairstyle

It seems to be two methods for getting perfectly crimped hair. The first is a hair-crimping iron with narrow ridges on the plates. Divide your hair and clamp and unclamp the iron as you work your way from top to bottom. You can also search for hair extensions treatments if needed.

You could even go old-school and make your crimped hairstyle using teeny, tiny braids. To avoid frizz, use a no-blow-dry lotion to moisten hair before braiding. So, unfurl the braids when your hair has dried thoroughly.

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