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Hair Salon for Men Near Astoria

by Lulu Beier

If you are a guy who cares for his looks, you must care for your hair as well. If you are looking for a hair salon near Astoria, you don’t need to ask the question, “Where can I find the best hair salon for men near me?” any more. You have just come to the right place. In this article, your quest for the best hair salon for men near me will end.

Chez Alvi Hair Salon

A very sophisticated hair salon with staff who are down to earth and the environment is very friendly. They strive to give the best possible professional care for their clientele. It’s more than just your regular hair salon, their approach to a haircut is scientific and they get the most natural look for their customers.

Premium service comes with a hefty price tag. You will have to pay a bit more at Chez Alvi than other regular hair salons. They offer haircuts, treatments, colors to both men and women. A truly awesome hair salon, if you ask the knowledgeable people about the best Dominican barber shop near me, they will surely mention Chez Alvi among other names. They remain closed on Mondays.

Elite Barbers

Just as the name suggests, they are elite. At Elite Barbers, you can expect to get a high-quality haircut in a good environment and have a good time in the process. They specialize in men’s haircuts and beard shaving and you can get literally any kind of haircut you desire. The staff is very trendy themselves and will cater to your every requirement with the utmost attention.

They also cut hair for kids. You can book an appointment but walk-ins are always welcome, too. You may have already figured out by now that they are a bit pricey. A regular haircut costs $25 there, which is higher than regular barbershops but quite competitive for high-quality salons.

The Art of Hair

Specializing in both men and women’s hair care, The Art of Hair is one of the best in the hair care industry. To them a haircut is not just a job, it’s an art. They dedicate themselves to master the art. Along with regular hair cut, they also offer skin fade, outline, beard trim, etc.

Their price is not as high as the previous two, but they do charge a bit higher than regular barbershops. A regular haircut there will cost you $20 and if you want to get special cuts, the price will vary depending on the amount of work. You will also find men and women’s hair care products there if you wish to buy them.


With modern people being more concerned about their looks and personality, the hair care industry is having such a good and profitable time, and so the hair salons are increasing every day. It may be hard to choose from so many options. We hope you will find your preferences are met from these above-mentioned hair salons.

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