4 Incredible Benefits of Using an Inflatable Paddle Board


SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) is becoming increasingly familiar with outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. My Instagram stream is constantly flooded with stunning photos taken by paddle boarders in exotic locations worldwide, and my list of destinations to visit on my inflatable paddleboard (iSUP) is growing by the day!

One of the biggest reasons I chose an inflatable paddleboard was its portability. There are numerous other advantages to owning a paddleboard. Since I live in a metropolitan environment where owning a hardboard will be difficult, I realized I should just purchase an iSUP.

However, I had little idea that my iSUP will provide me with a plethora of chances to visit some of the world’s most breathtakingly stunning locations. Here are the reasons you should know before you look for digital jump rope.

1. Convenient

Since I live in a tiny Chicago apartment, I knew an inflatable paddle board would be a perfect choice. Hard boards necessitate more storage space or a rental facility, all of which contribute to the cost of ownership.

My iSUP folds up into a pocket about the size of a big duffle bag and doubles as a backpack! I just like that it’s not as heavy as a hardboard, which can weigh up to 25 pounds while packed in a backpack. Three iSUPs are actually kept in one of my closets! They are very convenient to store and are ideal for tight spaces.

2. Simple to Transport

I live only a half-mile from Lake Michigan to conveniently put on my backpack and walk to my launch site. May I go to other beaches that are further out from my house to paddle? I simply throw the backpack into the trunk of my vehicle, which solves the dilemma.

Don’t you have a car? Request a rideshare or hail a taxi! I’ve transported my iSUP in the trunk of my vehicle on road trips, as well as using taxis and ride-sharing services to get to the airport or nearby beaches. I’ll ride my bike and lock the iSUP to my bike trailer on occasion.

3. Stability

My only problem with owning an inflatable SUP was the lack of rigidity, yet quality boards are shockingly rigid. People passing by ask me about the rigidity of my board when I’m inflating it, and I typically advise them to stand on it and feel for themselves!

Of course, they aren’t as stiff as a hardboard. Still, I really can’t say the difference, and the advantages far outweigh the reduction in rigidity, in my opinion. They might not be as manoeuvrable as a hard surface, but they are ideal for travelling and discovering new locations.

4. Cost-Effective

Inflatable SUP boards are not only inexpensive, but they also save you money on leasing costs. My board has more than covered the costs! Also, the most expensive inflatable paddle boards are less costly than hard paddleboards. You have to just search “inflatable paddleboards for sale” for getting one for you. You will even save money on rental costs when on holiday because they are compact and simple to carry!